The In Between

The In Between is an immersive sound installation about the substance of subconscious emotions and thoughts (called 'blackness') that lie within us. It pinpoints the vague margin of full conscious awareness and complete physical abandonment — a state of mind shared unknowingly by many. 8 multi-channel speakers are set around the perimeter of the space, throwing sounds across the air to transform the environment (for instance, a vortex of swirling water evolves into a hallway stampede of footsteps.) Every 30 minutes, audiences are suspended in the space with absolutely no light, distorting their sense of time, weight and feeling. During this time, they are encouraged to explore and expand, or contract and contain — however they perceive their own 'blackness'. 

All footage was recorded with an infra-red camera to show the audience at their raw state — moments of catharsis and vanishing is seen when they begin to feel their erasure. The piece becomes a fully experiential representation of disconnect within the body, mind and soul. 

The In Between was conceptualized and produced by Jamie Tan, with sound design by Brian Parkhurst.