(de)tach is a 7 minute film about the physicality of sitting in tension — how our body reacts to stimuli that pushes and stretches the limits of our natural state. A young, beautiful woman is seen lying on a boat, set against the backdrop of a Venetian canal. Her head is propped over the edge of the boat, hair tied neatly in a long ponytail. Watching her, her hands reach behind her head and a scissors appears as she begins to cut her thick bundle hair. The footage takes a section of the entire excruciatingly long process — as time passes, her muscles begin to quake; her head becomes heavy; the task seems almost impossible. On the last minute, the edge of the scissors makes its final snip and her ponytail falls into the water, drifting slowly away.

This film was shot and exhibited in Venice during the Venice Biennale. The project was created in conjunction with a 3 week summer arts residency in Venice, organised by the SMFA Boston and Universita Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, one of the top educational institutions in Italy. The show was entitled ‘Bridging Venice’ and it featured works from local artists based in Venice and the American artists from the summer program.